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thank you so much, i just really need to talk to someone!! I'Ve been having a really hard time in life 'cause everything's changed.. my friends left my school and i'm stuck with my old friend that i pretty much hate but i can't let go 'cause then i'd literally have no one at school and i barely smile anymore apparently i look murderous.. i just feel so empty and it's horrible i literally feel like crying all the time, i tear up in class because i miss my friends so much and my grades are -

horrible already and it’s only been 2 weeks of school i can’t even concentrate in class because i don’t feel like i belong and i don¨’t feel safe at all.. i feel like that either everyone’s staring at me and juding me really hard, or that no ones looking at me at all ‘cause no one even cares anymore.. and i don’t have a way to escape anymore, i’m too tired for fake smiles.. and i dont have much strength left.. and i just feel like that if someone would talk to me id jus break down crying.  btw im also the anon who was questioning their sexuality.. and i think im bi but it just makes it so much harder cause there s this really cute girl bur shes probably totally fucking straight and it hurts. everythiing hurts, and it wont stop… i just dont know what to do anymore, and im about to cry because i jsut dont want to live like this anymore.. im such a fucking failure in every single thing i do and every time i try to be strong it just break down even harder then before and all of this is so exhausting… i just need a hug, but i have no one to hug, and that makes everything so much worse.  i think im done.. i dont have anything else to say, im just really, really tired but i cant go to bed because i have schoolwork and i probably have a test tomorrow but i just. dont. give. a. fuck. anymore., i dont give a fuc kabout anything even being on tumblr feels empty.. nothing is satisfying not even fanfiction helps!!! and thats a first

first off, let me just say, i feel so awful that you’re going through this. i’ve been through literally everything you’ve said in this message, and i know how bad it fucking hurts.  everything you do feels like a chore and you just have no motivation for ANYTHING. i know. please just keep in mind though, that there are ways through this, i PROMISE. i know how badly you’re struggling right now, and its pretty evident that you need help.  and you know what? that’s perfectly okay!!! it is OKAY TO NEED HELP. i learned that the hard way… i didn’t say anything for like, 3 years.  i finally spoke up this year, and i’m not gonna bullshit you. it sucked.  it was hard, tiring, and sometimes i wanted to give up. but i kept at it, kept getting up everyday for therapy, and i forced myself to do this. in the moment, you’re so wrapped up in your emotions that you just cannot see anything else. 5 years from now, you might be the happiest you’ve ever been, but you won’t know if you don’t at least put yourself out there and get what you need. tell someone, anyone.  i wish i could do something for you, but unfortunately, all i can really do is just respond to your message!!  so, find someone you trust, and just spill it all.  its ok to admit you cant do it on your own, okay? im really worried about you.  please, tell someone.  you are important.


Terrifying Sex Toys - Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

Beach umbrellas photographed by Daniel Sorine
Cannes, France. 1979.
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Ohmygod can I please rant to you???




Whoever decided putting tattoos on them would be a good idea….…needs an award.

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